Synthetic Lime 2.4 kg
  • Applications: Mortar
  • 100% Hydrated Lime and additive replacement in cement/lime/sand mortars*
  • Non-hazardous by NOHSC Criteria – Safe for Users
  • Ideal for DIY and commercial projects
  • Mortar produced with EcoSYN™ conforms to AS 3700 Masonry Structures
  • Please note: EcoSYN™ cannot be used as a replacement for Hydrated Lime in soil stabilisation and septic waste applications.
  • LIMITATIONS:EcoSYN™ is not a Hydrated Lime replacement in traditional sand/lime mortars.

This is a natural product, and variations and inconsistencies in size, colour and shape will occur. Photographs are for illustration purposes and to be used as an indication only.