Soudal Seal & Stretch 290ml – White ()

Multibond SMX35 – Seal & Stretch is ideal for a wide range of sealing applications in construction and industrial including…..

Expansion joints
Joints under waterproofing membranes (water-based, solvent-based and acrylic)
Masonry and precast concrete joints
For sanitary, bathroom and kitchen areas (resists mould growth)
For walls and perimeter joints
For water retaining structures (Concrete Grey water potable approved)
For lap joints in roofing, guttering and cladding,
For air conditioning ducting,
For caravan, bus and automotive use
For window and door frames.
Elastic sealant
Highly flexible ±20%
Internal & external
UV Resistant

Yard products such as pebbles, rocks/stones, toppings, sands and mulches are natural products. Therefore, any dust, dirt, mud, size, texture & colour variation is unavoidable.