Quikcote – E.P.S Render

Quikcote EPS Styrene Render is a superior quality dry
mix, cement based, high polymer render developed
specifically for use as a Base coat render on EPS –
Expanded Polystyrene panels. It has excellent
adhesion, flexibility and strength.
Quikcote EPS Styrene Render provides the ideal base
for the subsequent application of variety of top
coat’s including Quikcote Decorative Finishes.

Packing: 20kg Coverage: 5-10sqM/bag Thickness: 2-4mm
Application Method
Steel Trowel / Foam float
7 Days, Max Strength 28 Days

• Specific Polystyrene Panels surface (EPS)

Tools/Machinery Required: Hawk & Steel trowel,
Polystyrene float, plastic floats, straight edge, sponge,
power mixer, masking tapes, drop sheeting.
• Mix one (1) 20Kg bag of EPS Styrene Render to @
4 – 5 litres of clean water using a power mixer.
• Add the Dry Mix water steadily while mixing with a
power stirrer until the consistency is creamy and lump
• Allow the mix to stand for 5 minutes, remix before use
or before adjusting consistency if required.

This is a two coat system;
• Apply the first base coat of EPS Styrene Render onto
the panel at a thickness of @ 3-4mm using a steel trowel
with enough pressure to adhere the product. Whilst the
base coat is wet embed a full layer of alkali resistant
160gm/m² (5mm x 5mm) fibreglass mesh ensuring that
the mesh pieces overlap by a minimum of 100mm at
mesh joints. Panel joints should be evenly covered with
the same embedded mesh (avoid overlap of mesh joints
near the main panel joint). Strips of mesh at 45 degree
angle or equivalent, 300mm long by 100mm wide, should
be embedded across the corner of all window and door
openings. Level and finish of the first base coat using a
polystyrene float.
• On firming of the first coat (1-2Hrs set time)
apply a second coat of EPS Styrene Render at a thickness
of @2-4mm. On setting use a polystyrene float, finish the
surface to produce an even, uniform and level surface.
• This is a two coat system and a minimum
thickness of 6-7mm should be achieved.

Clean up with water

This is a natural product, and variations and inconsistencies in size, colour and shape will occur. Photographs are for illustration purposes and to be used as an indication only.