Sand in Melbourne

At Fultons, we’re proud to offer high-quality sand in Melbourne for various applications. We can also provide timely sand delivery in Melbourne in addition to offering sand in bulk bag amounts for maximum convenience. Whether you require landscaping sand, decorative sand or washed sand, we have you covered.

Our Selection of Sands

Fultons has no shortage of sand supplies for you to choose from. Our selection includes:
  • Packing Sand – A fine sand with trace amounts of clay, useful for underneath concrete slabs and water tanks. Can also be used effectively as paving sand.
  • Orange Brick Sand – When you need fatty and darker coloured sand, our orange brick sand is suitable for mortaring brickwork and placing under pool liners for above ground pools.
  • Yellow Brick Sand – The clay found within yellow brick sand gives it a sticky element, making it ideal bricklay sand for bricklayers who need lightly coloured and compressible sand.
  • Washed Sand – Our wash sand is useful for making concrete as well as for rendering and plastering. It can also be used under water tanks, for tiling purposes, and in sandpits.
  • Propagating Sand – This coarse sand is commonly used to improve drainage in heavy soils, propagate mixes and potting plants, and top dress clay based lawns.
  • Plaster Sand – If you need to render hard surfaces, our plaster sand can get the job done.
In addition to the above, we also offer Dromana topping, Dromana gravel and other solutions to meet your needs.

Order Today

Look no further than Fultons when you’re asking yourself “where can I find trusted sand suppliers near me?” Contact our friendly team to learn more about our products, or place an order with us today.