Garden Compost, Cow Manure & More

If you’re asking yourself “are there any quality compost suppliers near me?”, look no further than Fultons. Our organic and mushroom compost suppliers can provide a range of solutions that meet your needs, including general lawn mix and vegetable garden compost. We can also accommodate requests for compost in bulk bag amounts. With over 60 years of experience under our belts, we can be trusted to handle all your requirements when it comes to organic compost and manure.

Our Options

At Fultons, we’re proud to offer organic and mushroom compost for sale in addition to various types of manures. Our available options include:

  • Surecrop – Organic compost consisting of various natural elements such as manures and recycled potting media. Surecrop compost is a PH neutral compost that’s suitable as mulch as well as a soil conditioner and improver.
  • Mushroom Compost – Created using horse manure and pea straw, mushroom compost can be used as mushroom mulch and as an effective soil conditioner as long as PH levels are monitored for alkaline.
  • Horse Manure – At $46 per cubic metre, horse manure is an affordable option, particularly for customers who require compost bulk delivery solutions.
  • Cow Manure – Perfect for enriching an existing garden bed, our cow manure has been fine texture screened and milled.

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Fultons is your one-stop shop for vegie garden compost and organic compost as well as cow manure, horse manure and more. Check out our contact page for relevant phone numbers and email addresses. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.