Garden Mulch in Melbourne

At Fultons, we’re proud to stock a range of quality garden mulch supplies for clients throughout Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for budget options like general tree clippings or more premium options like pine barks, we have you covered. Offering mulch delivery in Melbourne as well as the ability to buy mulch in bulk, our professional garden mulch suppliers can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Products

Our mulch suppliers in Melbourne have no shortage of options for you to choose from, including:
  • Tree Clippings – A budget option consisting of chipped branches and leaves varying in colour and texture
  • Terracotta Chips – Medium sized and light red coloured mulch, known for holding its bright colour for a long time
  • Softfall Play Mulch – A light coloured mulch suitable for both residential and commercial playgrounds and gardens
  • Red Mulch – Similar to terracotta chips, but offering a more brightly coloured mulch that also holds its colour for a long time
  • Pine Barks – We stock pine barks of multiple sizes depending on your requirements, from fine pine barks for smaller plants through to larger sized pine barks that last longer
  • Mulch Master – An organic mulch made from recycled plant based materials such as branches and pallets
  • Black Mulch – A long lasting and all-purpose mulch that contrasts well with paving areas, but can leave stains on concrete

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Fultons is the number one choice for garden mulch supplies and garden mulch bulk bags, including pine barks, tan barks, red mulch and wood chips for landscaping. Contact us today to learn more about our available mulches and place an order for mulch delivery in Melbourne.