Blue Circle Boral Pave Lok – 20kg ()

Blue Circle Pave-Lok is a lightly bonded jointing sand specially formulated to allow rapid filling of vertical joints between segmental pavers. We recommend use on flexible pavements.

Pave-Lok is suitable for use in the following areas:
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Sloping sites
  • Roadways/airport standing areas (where designed)
  • Where there is heavy traffic movement
  • Where mobile vacuum sweepers are used
  • In high wind areas

Features and Benefits

  • Helps retain integrity and stability of joint
  • Resists wash out after 30 minutes setting
  • Retards weed growth
  • Is quick and easy to apply
  • Minimises wind-blown joint erosion
20.00 Bag

Yard products such as pebbles, rocks/stones, toppings, sands and mulches are natural products. Therefore, any dust, dirt, mud, size, texture & colour variation is unavoidable.