In 1954, Colin Fulton began a one truck cartage venture driving a 1952 International. He would cart sand around Melbourne for sites such as St Vincents Hospital and carry out rubbish removal for city hotels after 6 o’clock closing, in prepartion for the 1956 Olympic Games. Colin and his wife, Esma slowly began selling sand and cement from the family’s backyard at 15 Hall St East Hawthorn via Cato Lane. He expanded his one man operation, employing 3 men and purchasing 2 Chevrolets and another International. By this time Colin and Esma had 3 children – Ken, Ian and Jill. The Fulton’s then purchased number 17 Hall St, still operating from the backyard of the two properties. The number of employees rose to 6, the fleet of trucks now numbering 7. Colin then took control over the yard, while the men continued the cartage. By the mid 60’s Ken and Ian had completed their schooling and began work in what was to become a family business, learning how to drive and maintain the trucks and operate the yard machinery; by this time Colin and Esma’s fourth child, Peter, was born.

By the early 70’s the business branched out into garden supplies and began to use earthmoving machinery – bobcats and loaders. Boom time in the 70’s led the business to expand further – the fleet of registered trucks and machinery numbering near 30. Number 19 Hall St was also purchased around this time – the business still running from the rear of the 3 adjoining properties. At this stage Ken took a more active roll in the running of the business, while Ian and Peter carried out cartage.

As the business expanded, the need for more space meant the houses had to go. The area was declared light industrial by the council and the first house to be moved was 19 Hall St – which was transported to Sunbury around 1980. The second house to go was 15 Hall St in the late 80’s – demolished by one of the company’s bobcats. In approximately 2004 the last house was demolished.

Since 2015 the business welcomed new owners and has grown immensely since. We now have 9 sites around Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula over 50 Trucks, 4 Truck & Trailers & over 100 employees.



In 2005, we opened/purchased Oasis Garden Supplies in Wantirna.

In September 2009, we opened Fultons Bayside to our Hawthorn and Wantirna yards. Now being able to serve the southeast area of Melbourne more efficiently.

In July 2018, we added Fultons Rosebud to our Hawthorn, Wantirna & Bayside yards. now being able to service the Mornington area of Melbourne more efficiently.

In October 2017, we added Fultons Alphington to our Hawthorn, Wantirna, Bayside & Rosebud yards. Now be able to service the North area of Melbourne more efficiently.

In January 2020, we added Fultons West Melbourne to our Hawthorn, Wantirna, Bayside, Rosebud & Alphington yards. Now being able to service the West area of Melbourne more efficiently.

In August 2021, we added Fultons Carnegie to our Hawthorn, Wantirna, Bayside, Rosebud, Alphington & West Melbourne yards.

In October 2021, we added Mornington Garden Supplies to our Hawthorn, Wantirna, Bayside, Rosebud, Alphington, West Melbourne & Carnegie yards

In November 2021, we added Fultons Hastings to our Hawthorn, Wantirna, Bayside, Rosebud, Alphington, West Melbourne, Carnegie & Mornington yards bringing the total of yards down in the Peninsula to 3.