Garden Supplies in South Yarra

At Fultons, we’re proud to stock products that make gardening, building and landscaping a breeze, with no shortage of building supplies and garden supplies in South Yarra for you to choose from. Our highly trained staff members boast over 60 years of experience, allowing us to provide a helpful and responsive service while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our Range

No matter what you’re looking for, we have all the garden supplies and building supplies in South Yarra you could need. Our range includes:

  • Barks & Mulches – Including affordable tree clippings, long-lasting black mulch, softfall play mulch for playgrounds and gardens, and more.
  • Cement Products – Including general purpose cement and specialised cement products for various construction projects and other applications.
  • Swimming Pool Supplies – Including various accessories and equipment to keep your pool clean and in optimal condition.
  • Compost & Manure – Including cow manure for enriching garden beds, mushroom compost for conditioning soil, and more.
  • Decorative Stones – Including a diverse array of pebbles, rocks, stones and gravels that can enhance the aesthetic value of your gardens and pathways.
  • And more!

For your convenience, we also provide free delivery for orders over six cubic metres and within a 3km radius.

Choose Us Today

Whether you need the very best building supplies in South Yarra or you’re searching for garden supplies in South Yarra, choose Fultons. Contact our friendly team today to have your questions answered and your needs accommodated.