Coharo Levelling Coat

Coharo Coatings® Levelling Coat is a pre-blended HIGH POLYMER & recycled aggregate cementitious levelling compound for use on Casafico® wall building products e.g. Polystat® & Tecoblock® also masonry walls & AAC. Levelling Coat is designed for use as a base coat in Coharo Coatings® wall finishing systems. Other uses of this product include a rough cast finish coating and moulding applications. Supplied in dry powder form, Levelling Coat requires only the addition of clean water to produce a base coat mortar that exhibits minimal drying shrinkage and positive adhesion to clean, sound, porous substrates.

Coharo Coatings® Levelling Coat is designed for use in 6 – 50mm application layers on the following clean, sound substrates below:

Polystat Wall
Polystat Fire Panel
AAC block/Panel
Clay Brick
Concrete Block
Fibre Cement Sheet
Off-Form Concrete

One bag of Levelling Coat will mix approx. 2.5 x 15L Pails. Measure Approx. 5 litres of water component into a 15L pail and add 14 litres of powder while mixing with a suitable power mixing drill. Approx. 12 litres of water for an entire bag of Levelling Coat to be mixed in a 40L container/pail. Allow to stand for 2-3 minutes.

Substrate Preparation
Substrate must be clean, sound and free of all powdery residues, oils, release agents. Install aluminium targets / corner beads by adhering with Levelling Coat as required.

Coverage Rate Per Bag
6mm Thick – 5 m2

10mm Thick – 3 m2

20mm Thick – 1.5 m2

Application and Finishing
Application can be made via Hawk & Trowel or spray machine in the thickness required to fill in the wall. Followed by a Levelling Screed / Render Darby and left to cure. Targets should be used to ensure a level outcome. Once cured Levelling Coat can be cleaned via sanding rasp if required for application of various Coharo Coatings® finishing products. Levelling Coat can also be used as a finish coat via spray machine to achieve the rough cast look. Once again left to cure prior Painting with Coharo Coatings® Paint.

Levelling Coat will set in around 6 to 12 hours depending on substrate moisture and thickness applied. Allow 7 days before over-coating.

Silicon or oil contaminated surfaces are not suitable for rendering. Not designed for application to sealed or glazed surfaces (glazed bricks, tiles, glass etc.). Not to be applied in thin films under 6mm Thickness. Protect from frosts or rain for the first 8 hours. Do not apply below 5 deg. Or above 30 deg. Celsius. The provision of expansion joints at “weak spots” above and below openings, at all level changes, at the junction of different substrates and or specified by the project engineer. Users must make their own determination as to the suitability of this product relevant to requirement.

This is a natural product, and variations and inconsistencies in size, colour and shape will occur. Photographs are for illustration purposes and to be used as an indication only.