Amgrow Kikstart Fertiliser – 20kg ()

KikStart provides essential nutrients for plant growth in a natural form that encourages soil health and plant active growth. It is a unique fertiliser that is manufactured from organically enriched composted manure supplemented with essential plant nutrients. KikStart is a granular fertiliser that breaks down slowly over time releasing the nutrients slowly to provide sustained growth for up to three months. The organic manure component of KikStart improves the health and vitality of the soil while adding additional nutrients. Stamina Wetting Agent has been incorporated into each KikStart granule to assist water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone when rainfall occurs. It therefore improves the water retention properties of the soil and encourages earthworms and beneficial microrganisms that assist soil health. KikStart granules are easy to spread by hand or fertiliser spreader on gardens and lawns.

Yard products such as pebbles, rocks/stones, toppings, sands and mulches are natural products. Therefore, any dust, dirt, mud, size, texture & colour variation is unavoidable.